Accounting Services

Integrated Systems Associates, Inc. (ISA) uses a number of professional resources to provide accurate financial reports, spread sheets, and forecasts. Trust our team of real estate accounting professionals to provide you with an accurate assessment property’s current financial standing. The ISA team will also provide strategies that will help you manage your finances into the future. View our real estate accounting services and real estate bookkeeping services below.

  • Financial Statement Preparation: Our team uses a number of professional resources to give our clients complete access to the real-time financial activities and conditions of to their property. We use data-heavy statements to secure a clear understanding your property’s current financial standing and to devise long-term financial strategies.
  • Account Reconciliation: Account reconciliation is an accounting process in which multiple sets of financial records are cross-referenced to ensure the uniformity of financial data. This process ensures that the amount of money spent is in line with the amount of money withdrawn, establishing an even balance at the end of each accounting period.
  • Bank Reconciliations: Similar to account reconciliation, bank reconciliation uses a copy of your bank’s financial records to cross-reference your own records.
  • Recovery Reconciliations: Recovery reconciliation is the process of collecting financial retribution in the event of a significant setback in order to make you financially whole.
  • Tenant Ledger Corrections: When we perform tenant ledger correction services, we amend errors that were made regarding a tenant’s rental payments and payment dates.
  • Budget Preparation: In order to maximize benefit and minimize financial burden, our team will devise a detailed financial plan that outlines the exact money amount to allocate for certain expenses.
  • 1099 Preparation: A 1099 form refers to the documents administered by the IRS that are used to convey your property’s various revenue streams during a calendar year.
  • Commission Calculations: ISA will expertly and accurately determine a paid fee that is to be awarded to a person or body for performing a service or facilitating a piece of business.

For further information regarding our real estate accounting services and real estate bookkeeping services, feel free to contact our team at 410-984-0388 or